Welcome to Beyond Nutrition (BN) Health Coaching! Please take some time to read through the information below to familiarize yourself with the BN online coaching practice and policies. 

Who is online health coaching for?

Anyone who is looking to lose fat, work on their relationship with food, improve general health and/or looking to build better habits related to food and nutrition.

What is online health coaching?

Online health coaching is a collaborative partnership between a health coach and a client. Clients provide the coach with their health/nutrition/weight related goals as well as some background information and the coach comes up with a personalized plan to help the client meet these goals.

Where does the coaching take place?

BN is 100% online. All communication is conveniently done via email/text/phone/zoom. You have access to your coach in between check-in days and scheduled check-ins weekly.

When does coaching take place?

You should expect weekly check-ins via email on a designated day. Because this program is all online you have flexibility when you update your tracking sheet.

How does online health coaching work?

After you complete an intake form with specific questions about your health, lifestyle and habits, we will discuss your goals and you can decide which package is right for you. Depending one which package is selected, your coach will create a customized plan and check-in system for you to follow based on your goals. Each week you will check in with your coach by submitting your tracking sheet. You will learn more about the tracking sheet and the check-in process once you complete your intake form and we decide whether online health coaching is a good fit for you.

What will I need to participate?

You will need internet access and a gmail address at the bare minimum. I also like to use MyFitnessPal for tracking purposes. You will not need to sign up or pay for a premium account and I will teach you how to use it for our purposes.

Meet Your Coach

I am a stay-at-home mother of 3 with a passion for nutrition and fitness. I hold a M.S and B.S. in Food and Nutrition and started my career as a Food Technologist at the U.S. Army Soldier Center designing military rations. Eleven years and a pandemic later, I decided to stay home with my children and pursue my own nutrition coaching practice and enter the world of fitness. In 2021, I received my Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coaching Certification (Pn1) and began online coaching with JTB. In 2022, I decided to coach on my own and also became a certified Jazzercise Instructor. I currently teach at the Milford Jazzercise studio in Milford, MA and absolutely love that I get to finally combine my love for fitness and nutrition. 


Payments are required to be made in full before coaching services take place and can be made via Venmo or PayPal. There are no refunds if you decide to discontinue the program at any time. 


Client must check-in on a specified day between 9pm (EST) the night before check-in and 8am (EST) on check-in day. Failure to check in between those specified times may result in delayed feedback. 

If client misses two consecutive check-ins without notifying coach ahead of time, or without acknowledgment/follow up of missed check-in, coach is not responsible for feedback or check-ins until communication is received from client. 

If client decides to discontinue coaching for any reason at any time, client understands there is no refund for weeks not completed. 

Client understands that the coach is not responsible for goals that are not met by the end of the coaching period.


Please recognize that it is your responsibility to work directly with your health care provider before, during, and after seeking nutrition and / or fitness consultation.

Any information provided is not to be followed without prior approval of your doctor. If you choose to use this information without such approval, you agree to accept full responsibility for your decision.